Michelle could not know that the rock in the bottom of her backpack would turn into an International crisis. She and her cousins get embroiled in a mystery involving art theft when they go to Shanghai to visit their aunt who does art restoration. Enjoy reading about the dangers of solving the mystery while learning about the fascinating culture, traditions, beautiful art, delicious food and extraordinary history of China. Learn about art theft rings and the complications of restoring art to the rightful owners when antiquities are stolen. edit text

Adventures in Shanghai Quiz

Ten (10) points for each correct answer: 
  1. List all the family names--first name--5 points, last name--5 points
  2. List any pet names
  3. List all Cities
  4. List all Mountains
  5. List all Rivers
  6. List Historical figures
  7. List any names in the Animal kingdom

Winner will receive complimentary signed of all book.

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