Writing Workshop for Kids-- Interviews

Posted by Sue Swinger-Ellbogen on August 3, 2013 at 12:25 PM

A good way to encourage kids to write is to conduct interviews and document their answers. Not only will you find their answers amusing but you will have documented some memories for them that they can use to build stories on later. Below is an interview I did with my grandchildren when they were ten and six. You can figure out the questions I asked by their answers.




September 8, 2011, 6:30 pm


Interview with Alison Kayla Duckworth and Dodge Garrett Duckworth regarding their Mother who is turning 40 tomorrow.


Alison: My Mom’s favorite color is green.


Dodge: My Mom told me her favorite color is red.


AKD: My Mom likes to water flowers and being outside.


Dodge: My mom likes to go bowling or swimming at the Jackson swimming pool.


AKD: My mom gets mad when Dodge pees in the bathroom floor.


Dodge: I am not potty trained.


AKD: He is potty trained but not well.


Dodge: My mom gets mad when I break a glass.


AKD: My mom’s favorite song is “Rolling in the Deep”.


Dodge: Yeah, I think so too.


AKD: The artist is Adele—A-D-E-L-E.


Dodge: Yeah, that’s right.


AKD: What I like the best about my mom is her cooking and her helpfulness.


Dodge: What I like best is that mom helped me get potty trained. And I like the shopping too.


AKD: I love it when my mom takes me shopping.


AKD: My mom likes to eat at Shogun and El Torrero


Dodge: My mom likes to go to the ice cream shoppe and the Chinese place.


AKD: I love my Mom.


AKD: 40 is young


Dodge: My Dad is younger than my Mom; he is 42.


AKD: No Mom is the youngest; she is 40.

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