Active Job Search

Posted by Sue Swinger-Ellbogen on November 3, 2014 at 9:50 AM

Active Job Search

Keeping your resume and LinkedIn Profile is important for all professionals; however, if you

are entering into an active job search you need to do more.


1. Customize your resumes by job. One resume does not fit all.

2. Track your resumes that are posted or submitted. Very embarrassing to show up at an interview or have a telephone interview with the wrong resume in hand.

3. Keep your resume fresh by updating something every two weeks if you are actively looking for a job.. Recruiters do not like to see stale resumes on the boards. Small changes like spelling out December instead of Dec will show that the resume has been recently updated. It’s enough to get a recruiter to take another look.

4. Make sure you are on LinkedIn; the number one resource for recruiters.

5. Keep LinkedIn up-to-date with any new projects or assignments. Recruiters can see when changes have been made.

6. Develop a list of one or two success stories detailing how you accomplished each achievement listed on your resume. This is in preparation for a telephone interview as well as a face-to-face interview.

7. View your resume and success stories as a PowerPoint presentation with the resume being the slideshow and the success stories are your notes backing up the resume. Tell about HOW you would put a process in place, for example, that led to the resulting achievement noted on the resume.

8. Post your resume on all boards including Craigslist; an increasingly important board.

9. Develop a social footprint. Today recruiters are looking at how well connected and influential you are. This includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, newspaper interviews, any media coverage and Google search.

10. Make sure your resume has no typos and no sentimental statements like “Love to work for your company”; keep it strictly professional.

NOTE: Even if your resume is professionally done you have a responsibility to double-check the work and own all the statements.

Sue Swinger-Ellbogen

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