Tips and Tools for Applying for a Job

Posted by Sue Swinger-Ellbogen on November 10, 2014 at 9:50 AM

Tips and Tools for Applying for Jobs

These tips are designed to help the job seeker create a competitive edge in their job search. If

you need help with any of these steps contact me.

Tips: 1. Customize your resumes by job.One resume does not fit all.

2. Print the job description and highlight the buzzwords. If you need help identifying them, let me know.

3. Review your resume and make sure you have most if not all of the buzzwords on the job description.

4. Identify the primary job description i.e. Sales, Marketing, IT, SAP, Supply Chain, etc.

5. Make sure your resume has that primary descriptor multiple times in your executive summary. I can help you reword the summary to expand on this.

6. Track your resumes that are posted or submitted by creating a list and unique name if you have multiple resumes posted to job boards. Very embarrassing to show up at an interview or have a telephone interview with the wrong resume in hand.

7. Be very careful when you fill out an online application. Any mistake could throw your application out.

8. Develop a list of one or two success stories detailing how you accomplished EACH achievement listed on your resume. Make sure each story correlates to a buzzword in the job description. If it does not relate, skip that story.

9. View your resume and success stories as a PowerPoint presentation with the resume being the slideshow and the success stories are your notes backing up the resume. Tell about HOW you would put a process in place, for example, that led to the resulting achievement noted on the resume.

10. Make sure your resume has no typos and no sentimental statements like “Love to work for your company”; keep it strictly professional. Even if your resume is professionally done you have a responsibility to double-check the work and own all the statements.

Sue Swinger-Ellbogen 11-10-2014

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