Campfire Kids is a captivating novel about cousins who get stranded on a backpacking trip in Montana. The excitement of camping, hiking, and exploring is exhilarating to the cousins who have recently experienced major life changes with divorced parents and reconstituted families. Their excitement is soon diminished as the cousins encounter challenges and are forced to draw upon inner resources to survive in the desert and mountainous region of the Big Horn Mountains.

Watch for some exciting quizzes related to camping and wildlife.

Campfire Kids Quiz

10 points for each correct answer. Winner will receive complimentary signed copy of all book. 

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  1. List of character names
  2. List of Animals
  3. List of Cities
  4. List of Restaurants
  5. List of mountain ranges
  6. Name of 'look-out" point
  7. Name of canyon
  8. Name of state book is based on