A daring and adventuresome tabby cat named Cody discovers America in the late 1800's by traveling from New York City to San Francisco on a freighter, a riverboat, a stagecoach, by wagon train, horseback, and railroad. Many historical early American pioneers like Clara Barton, Stephen Foster, J.P. Morgan, Samuel Clemens, Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, and Wild Bill Hickok rescue, liberate, protect, and cherish this adorable cat who can not keep from getting into trouble on her travels. History unfolds as Cody learns about the expansion of the country with lumber barons, steel magnates, railroad tycoons, fur trappers, gold miners, and other brave people.

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Tabby Cat Trails Quiz

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  1. List of character names
  2. List of Animal names
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  4. Modes of Transportation
  5. Historical places/things
  6. Historical figures